How I hacked Klout!

[Post update] :

I have decided to release the code, just for you guys :

            ___---""""""""""""""---____                / |
       _--""   \)))))))))))))))))))))))"""""___       /  |
    _-" _       \))))))_-"|))))))))))))))))))))"""---' __|
 _-"   / \       |))))|   |)))))))))))))))))))))))))/--  |
<___.  \_/       |))))|   |))))))))))))))))))))))))<-    |
 "-_             |))))|   |)))))))))))))))))))))))))\--__|
    "-_         /)))))) -_|))))))))))))))))))))___---.   |
       "--__   /)))))))))))))))))))))))_____"""       \  |
            """---______________---""""        mga     \ |

For those who didn’t know, it was an April Fool made by Blueboat, an e-reputation and community Management society 😉

[Original Post] :

Yesterday I have found a XSS security hole in Klout, now I know how to have a better score on Klout… In this article I’ll explain to you how to hack Klout !klout-logo

First you have to create an account on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and other social-media-bullshit like this. social media bullshit

Then you have to sign up on Klout with those accounts. After that, create some content on your social accounts!
When it’s done, you can create yourself a blog on is taken in account by Klout, in order to calculate your Klout Score… You guess what I mean?
Now all you have to do is to include my script in the content of your blog, and write some articles in order to show Klout that your blog is active. Klout will soon crawl your site, and execute the script.

Before connecting with

After about 2 days, your KloutScore will be modified by the value you’ve chosen in the script.

After execution of my script !

Just a little more test, and I’ll give you the script on Monday! 😉


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